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Equality Review - July 2017
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Preparing for Ramadan
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Equality and Diversity Calendar 2017
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Is Britain fairer?

Fairness is one of this nation's most enduring values, alongside respect for others and challenging intolerance.

We are fortunate to live in a place where respect for the rights we all share is something we expect and can have confidence in advocating for.

But fairness is one of the most over-used, misused and contested phrases in our policy and political lexicon, with the public and even experts often unable to fully scrutinise or find consensus on the many definitions, claims and counter-claims.

With the start of a new Parliament and a Spending Review looming, there could be no better time than 2015 to ask Is Britain Fairer? Read the article.

Government plans to include bonuses in gender pay reporting

At the end of October, the government announced its intention to include bonuses in gender pay gap reporting measures to be introduced in 2016.

Kathryn Nawrockyi, Gender Equality Director, Business in the Community, welcomed this level of rigour: she commented

"This move is a positive step for the advancement of women's equality in the UK. The gender pay gap and the causes behind it continue to be one of the largest contributing factors to women’s under-representation and inequality in the UK's workplaces today. Only by understanding where and why gender pay gaps exist can an employer take action to ensure parity in pay. If this does not apply to bonus payments, then many employees may continue to be paid less than their colleagues for equal work and performance".

"Our research has shown employees – men and women – already believe a gender pay gap exists in their organisation and that a lack of transparency around pay contributes to this. We anticipate that compulsory pay gap reporting will lead to the removal of bias and introduction of greater transparency in decision-making not only in pay, but also in recruitment, performance appraisals and promotion decisions. Ensuring this rigour is applied to bonuses is an important part of any organisation’s commitment to remove the gender pay gap, and will certainly be welcomed by employees."

"Extending plans for compulsory gender pay gap reporting to include private, public and voluntary sectors will go some way towards to illuminating the impact occupational segregation has on women’s pay."

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The Common Inspection Framework 2015

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Equality and Human Rights Commission YouTube Video Channel
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Building Equality into the Curriculum
Guidance Booklet

With the support and guidance of this booklet, practitioners can increase their knowledge, learn to critically reflect on how attitudes develop and are manifested at personal and societal levels, and finally, acquire new skills for putting respect for diversity into teaching practice.


Equality and Diversity UK Course Timetable
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Update on the Future - Equality Act 2010

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